Magical girls, here to defend the galaxy! (✿◠‿◠)



Cardcaptor Sakura themed coordinate for a cold winter’s day.
Clow Key necklace by Starlight Deco Dream.


I just felt like participating in Bodyline`s Print contest (despite the fact that recognition may be the only reward). I call it “Enchanting Ice Princess,” inspired by BTSSB`s Snow Queen print (my dream dress).

I`ve always wanted to design prints for lolita dresses. I`m not sure if I was supposed to draw an actual dress design (though that wouldn`t be a problem). Even if I don`t win, at least I have a design made.

Easy Paint Tool Sai (3-4 Hours)
Image (C) Mystayria 2014


please mr. yan i beg of you

credit goes to saffcat101 and sugarycarnevil for the print design on the dress and digitization respectively


introducing: tumblr users being smooth as fuck

130715 CL’s Interview for IZE Magazine

130715 CL’s Interview for IZE Magazine


A mermaid for all seasons by Casey Robin


Starship Family *o*